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You’re a healthcare expert(*) actively improving the quality of life for others, and we’re here to help you.

Let’s make a positive impact together.

(*) a super human that’s either treating, empowering, teaching, connecting, or supplying products or services that transform lives.


Combining expertise across
healtchare and digital marketing

This page is about you, not me. Seriously! 

But I guess you need to know who you’re working with. Fair enough.

Hi, my name is is Kacem (“Ka” as in car, and “cem” as in cement). Full name is Kacem Jlidi (pronounced G’leedee).  

I founded Meem Communications for the sole purpose of promoting healthcare.

I switched my career path as soon as I graduated from nursing university over 10-years ago to get into marketing and PR.

I always wanted to work in Public Health as it’s the only discipline that merges my two areas of interest for healthcare and marketing.

I’m finally doing just that, using my unique expertise to help healthcare businesses like you to achieve wholesome marketing.

In a nutshell,  

10+ years experience

in marketing

Past positions
Columnist, Media coordinator, and Digital Marketing Manager.

University Degree
Bsc (Hons) in Nursing Sciences

Kacem Jlidi

Founder and Marketing Person

Our focus

We help you connect, educate and deliver better healthcare. And that’s what good marketing’s all about: influencing the way people feel, encouraging them to think differently and inspiring them to take action.

Our values

  • Empathy, curiosity, and inclusiveness
  • Mastery, great care, and attention to detail
  • Open, inviting, and creative

Helping you reach the right people who need your expertise

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