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About Meem Communications

Mission statements are a funny old thing. They are often a mix of hyperbole indistinguishable from what’s on many company websites. 

But ours is different. It’s not a pretentious statement borrowed from a business plan. It’s what guides us to deliver flying star results for your campaigns. 

We know that for you, our reader, jargon-filled mission statements won’t mean much. After all, our clients don’t come to us because of our mission statement but because of our work, international network and our ability to deliver. 

Still, here it is because it’s the unspoken promise we make to you before we roll-up our sleeves: 

To produce the best work of our lives and feel good about it.

Aside from setting your expectation, our mission statement sets our culture. It motivates and reminds our staff and new joiners what we stand for. It keeps us heading in the right direction to do good work for good businesses.

More reasons to work together

Ethical Agency

We are an ethical marketing and advertising agency. This means we choose to work with clients that we feel passionate about their services and that believe we can help and make a difference for.

Personal Service

We take on a limited number of clients per month to ensure we provide undivided attention.


ROI First

We are experts at what we do. We live and breath digital marketing. Our absolute focus is to deliver maximum ROI for our clients from every penny spent. 

Our focus

We help our clients to connect, educate and deliver better healthcare. And that’s what good marketing is all about: influencing the way people feel, encouraging them to think differently and inspiring them to take action.

Our values

  • Empathy, curiosity, and inclusiveness
  • Mastery, great care, and attention to detail
  • Open, inviting, and creative

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